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Some FAQ suggestions (cosmetic)


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I posted this in another thread, but it was offtopic, and I'm not sure if you saw this (Firon), so I removed it from the other thread and am posting it separately...

- I noticed (just a minor thing) that you don't have a <br /> after the link to section 1.10 of the FAQ.

- Another thing I'd been noticing it on Firefox, but never really cared too much to mention... When I check the FAQ on other browsers, clicking the links in the FAQ scrolls enough to make the section titles to be at the top of the viewable area... with Firefox, you can still see the end of the previous section. A tad bit annoying, but nothing major. The culprit is the placement of the anchors outside of the header tags. Just move 'em all in, and everything'll look fine...

<h2><a name="Incompatible_software"></a>Incompatible Software</h2>

rather than

<a name="Incompatible_software"></a><h2>Incompatible Software</h2>

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