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An Access Denied message


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I'd not needed a .torrent since last winter, then I got a friends email offering me a ski race so I brought up uTorrent, updated to the latest version 1.8.5, brought in his torrent from TPB and all seemed to be working well, with 17 Seeds 59 Peers. I got to 0.2% download and got an error message - Invalid Download.

I cancelled that torrent and brought in a repeat, I retried and got error message - Access Denied which sounded more serious.

I'm old with limited PC skills but I went thru re Configuration and checked Port Forwarding without needing to make changes. I use AVG but that doesnt seem to be interfering with the torrent.

I've just tried a torrent from Open Office and again got - Access Denied.

I suspect it may be something basic in reinstall that I've missed. Advice please.

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Now I'm puzzled. My download folder I've called My Torrents and its in Local Drive F.

In the Properties is a section called Sharing which I've not looked at before.

Both Local Sharing and Security and Network Sharing and Security seem to relate to me

sharing the folder with others, but I'm sole occupant and sole user and once downloaded

the torrent file, in this case, stays with me and is not shared.

Could you please explain further.

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Hey, I'm a newbee who had Access Denied problems and have been hunting for days for a solution. What fixed mine was: Go to uTorrent Options\Preferences\General; check box Append .!ut to incomplete files. Next go to Preferences\UI Settings; check box Don't start the download automatically.

I run Vista Home Premium SP2 with uTorrent 1.8.5 and AVG9. Hope this can help someone.

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I dont understand your post and I'm afraid.

I thought this was a simple 'access denied', where UT didnt accept the incoming torrent

from Pirate Bay, but thats not the case. Perhaps v1.8.5 incorporates changes to match

the way MS is changing.

Since my last downloads last spring I've upgraded to IE8 but dont use it as I use Firefox.

WinXPsp3 is unchanged. I keep AVG 9 up to date and have other programs for weekly antivirus and antimalware checks and I've had no reason to change the firewall or port forwarding settings.

I've tried to read thru a lot of the posts on the Troubleshooting forum but most of the words

used are beyond my skill level and relate to different problems anyway.

Perhaps someone out there can give me a simple explanation for the advice I'm getting from

DreadWingKnight and explain to me my way forward..

Hi JBMethusala

Instant download on the torrent from the Open org, but not on the torrent from PB.

Thanks for that.

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Sorry, I've not understood any of this stuff before, and I became a member today to share my findings.

All I can tell you is that I've been using uTorrent for a year or so without problem. However, about 10 days ago my PC crashed, so I had a new motherboard and chipset installed. My AVG was upgraded to AVG9 at the same time. Since then I hadn't been able to download until today.

I'm not used to techy stuff, but I fought my way through loads of FAQs to find an answer that worked for me, which I posted. The only thing that I've come up with between my old setup and the new one is there seems to be a problem between AVG9 and uTorrent 1.8.5.

I found the UI Settings box by sheer coincidence, and thought I'd try it. And it works. The thing is, I now have to start my downloads manually, but then all is okay. Try it.

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> Sorry, I've not understood any of this stuff before, and I became a member today to share my findings.

I'm very glad you did and it was a great help to me. I got an instant download when I thought

I had a major problem with all downloads.

But just to clarify things for the readers, I couldn't understand Post 6.

You came in with Post 7 as I was struggling to find the words for my Post 8.

Having sent that I found your Post 7, I couldn't respond with a second post so I did an edit to Post 8 to thank you.

But I'm still hoping someone understanding Post 6 can explain it to me.

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