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Newbe Here, I must have a NAT problem,but everthing seems to be working ok,im able to seed and download ok,kind of slow maybe but it still works,my average download speed on a good day is around 100kbs i quess. But when i test to to see if my "port is fowarded properly" i get a error thats its not?

I have verizon dsl for my isp and im using a westell model 6100 modum,and using windows xp home.I tryed to figure it out on my own but im lost, i dont even know what this is " UPnP or NAT-PMP"

Cant i just go into control panel/windows firewall /and add a port?

Please someone help,or maybe as the old saying goes if its not broke dont fix it,like i said its working.Thanks

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Thanks for the reply and trying to help.I seen that and got as far as typing my IP address of my router,but i dont have a router.I cant bring up the network password box?sorry. How do i find my ip address

Ok i got there i was typing the wrong address, but it doesnt look the same as the tutorial shows so im still not sure i got as far as getting into my router the password is the one i used to get my services for verizon.net clients, not admin and password.

Theres a place for portfowarding should i add a new one or edit my old one?

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Yes , I got in there but the westell part isnt there,instead it verizon.net there they have settings for portforwarding. This is were i found out what password to use.


Its very similair



Im not sure what to do after this since its not the same as the tutorial?

Thanks for your help

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