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Firewall Speed Limiting


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This is probably going to be a strange inquiry; however, this is how I want to setup my network.

I have a Sonicwall TX170 and you can do bandwidth management in it; however, it is not as easy to setup as it is done by ports. I don't want to limit the speed of the whole server I run utorrent on as it is also my file server but I want to bandwidth management with it.

Basically it allows me to give a maximum upload/download speed by port(s) and I was looking into the possibility of limiting utorrent to only upload either via the one port that is open to accept incoming requests or if it is possible to limit the port range that utorrent uses to upload (say from like (25000-35000) or something. Is this possible to do or am I attempting to do something that's not possible.

The only reason I ask this is I want to give president to other internet functions (like HTTP, FTP, Online Games) where they have guaranteed bandwidth allowances but if they aren't in use my torrents can cruse at full speed. I looked at QoS but that's much more complicated on a true firewall than I expected, unless anyone has input/suggestions on how to set it up so basically the torrents use "left over" speed.

Basically I want to leave torrents going at full speed but not hinder my internet connection for web browsing or online gaming. If anyone have any suggestions on either how to limit the ports or other ways to setup a QoS type setting in a Sonicwall Firewall that would be greatly appreciated.

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