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Time to make intrnet anonymous.


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I am very puzzled why nobody ever invented this:

Internet IS anonymous by design, because it is basically like email where you can enter anything in the FROM header there is little problem for me to send email to you from President of USA

So why not use that in torrents? lets just fake source adders for each outgoing packet so that we pretend being who we are not. network monitoring companies will collect millions of IPs of completely innocent people.

these who are unlucky and cant send fake sources, VPN comes in recuse, but here we can save 50% of band witch since only outgoing packets need to be relayed incoming packets can go directly. this also creates complete mess for network monitoring companies since they cant see difference between real and fake.

There are lots of possibilities to increase anonymity in that way without sacrificing performance and at best it is even possible to achieve nearly absolute anonymity it you agree to sacrifice a bit of performance

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Internet IS anonymous by design

- wrong.

The only way to be anonymous is to unplug your PC from internet.

You have your own IP given from your ISP who is (usually) collecting this data.

This IP is used for data exchange.

It is NOT necessary to send any data of a torrent to be known. Just to run a torrent in a client and to connect to the swarm/other peers is enough to know you - without sending one byte of content.

And changing the FROM header ... like if you write "Bill Gates from US" as sender and the postmark is from Lithuania ...

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While the traffic can be hidden by encryption, the connection from IP+Port and to IP+Port are generally known both to the endpoint ISPs and even to potential man-in-the-middle listeners.

Also, connecting on a torrent swarm usually means contacting a tracker to like...TRACK you and give out your ip+port to anyone who asks, even if you have that "anyone" ip address blocked multiple ways.

If you pay for a VPN/proxy service, then they often have your name, address, and billing information concerning possibly bank accounts/credit card numbers. If for fair reasons or foul, they are ordered by a court of law to shut you down for "piracy"...they will probably be forced to hand over that information. So in that case, you'd be safer just using your ISP without a VPN!

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Wrong, totally wrong, that is common misconception. same like thinking that without router you cant connect more than one computer on one ip.

I own small network and I used asymmetric routing quit much, basically I can spoof any ip which I can monitor. and dont tell that is is impossible since I have done that more than once I

IP is same as your Home address, If you want to receive you cannot spoof anything o else you will not get your package, but If I want to send a bomb to you I can write you mothers address as sender.

yes, ISP gives me some known address, but sometimes they do not enforce me to use it. even if I cannot receive on fake IP I can send packets without problems.

I used that to hack into wireless networks without any possibility to detect me, instead of connecting to the router I merely monitor passing data, and use my own channel to send requests, then after server sends my data to some completely unsuspecting user I just intercept it and here we have perfectly spoofed connection.

so once you can monitor any ip range you are free to select any ip from that range it even does not matter that there is already some user on that ip.

So here I suggest to just get rid of that sender address it is not needed on the Internet replace your outgoing IP with random hash and become deliver your data anonymously.

"""And changing the FROM header ... like if you write "Bill Gates from US" as sender and the postmark is from Lithuania ..."""

so what Internet does not log postmark data they cant store traversing paths of every packet.

of course if you are big provider you can approximately block or trace from which side of earth that came to you but you need to examine every router to find originator of packet.

also main point here is not to become anonymous completely cut make total chaos for these who want to spy on torrent users, once you introduce spofed IPs there will be no way to prove that real IPs are real.

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