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Still uploading when scheduler should turn everything off


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I dunno if this is a problem i'm having or if this is normal behavior. But i am almost fairly sure that in the past the scheduler would turn OFF downloads AND uploads when the scheduled period is in the OFF zone.

Right now it turns off my downloads but it keeps uploading. How can i prevent this? I want the schedular to kill all network activity from uTorrent at a certain timeperiod.

Looking forward to your help guys!



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Mine is set to false as well. By the way my problem solved itself. It's not uploading anymore, i just see the upload indicator go to 0.1-0.3 KB now and then but thats it. I don't know why this happened because i did not change any settings since my last post. Maybe it has something to do with a specific torrent that i have finished downloading and now removed? Who knows.

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