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NAT Error Help


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Hi! Here's my information:

ISP - Shaw Cable (Canada)

Bandwidth - 3.2 megabits per second (as per bandwidthplace.com)

Windows XP Pro SP2

Software Firewall - None, windows firewall currently disabled/off

Hardware Firewall - which ever one is in my D-Link DI-524 Wireless Router

I've tried to forward the port as per the instructions on portforward.com for my router but it doesn't seem to help my situation. I've left utorrent's port on 32459 default and unchecked UPnP. Once thing I did notice was when I did "ipconfig /all" to set my IP static, my gateway and DNS server had the same numbers. Does that make any sense? I've tried entering the two DNS values I found for Shaw Cable, but that didn't work either.

I'm currently fluctuating quite a lot between 10 kbps and 40 kbps. I know that torrents d/ls are dynamic, but I remember bittornado being a little more stable (though I stopped using it since it barely d/ls anything now).

Please help!

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I downloaded azereus to see if things would be different. I opened a another port in my virtual server for it and Azereus has NAT Ok now. I figured might as well try that port in uTorrent and now I get "OK" when I do the connection test, but the bottom of the window says "listen error". Speed in uTorrent seems to be consistently over 40 kbps (yay!).

I wasn't able to find "PE" on the under preferences>network options I only see "Randomize..., Enable UPnP, and Alternate Upload Rate..."

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Routers are really simple computers in their own right, often even running a chopped-down Linux version!

They are limited in tasks, so they tend to get only so messed up and are usually fixable.

If that scares you...be really afraid of any computer with Windows 9x-XP on it! :P

I had my Linksys router crash during a firmware flash update -- less than 1 hour later I got it running again. Were that my computer that crashed during bios flash update, I'd be needing a new motherboard and reinstall of windows from scratch!

Just get a good manual for your router...even if it means getting another router...reading the basics about routers, switches, and hubs in general -- and you'll probably get the router all sorted out in less than 8 hours of learning-work.

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