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high diskload increases download speed


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hey forum..

i've can't find any answer to my weird little problem so i'll try to explain it as good as i can.

i have a dsl ( 20 / 2 ) connection and i get good speeds from time to time.

but recently with a well seeded torrent the speed never goes above 200kb/s.

but when i move stuff from one drive to another so the computer gets a bit slow you know as it can be when you move large amount of data, the disk load sign in utorrent goes on to maybe 3-4% at tops but my download speed increases to over 800-900 kb/s.

and this happens almost all the time when i do stuff like move or copy files from one place to another..

i've done all the tricks in preferences like capping the upload speed and so forth but this little weird behavour is annoying the hell outa me =)

anyone have any suggestions of why it might be like this ?

thanks in advance


edit: forgot some info about my system... im using the 402 build and im on a amd xp 3200 with ms pro service pack 2 and latest tcpip.sys patch.. the main drive for saving files on is a maxtor 200 gb with 2 partions on it and just around 2 weeks old..

no firewall and no av crap ;)

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thanks for your advices.. im moving to 426 right away and gonna give it a couple of days to see what happens.. werid disk, you can hear it read/write like a clock almost.. tick tack tick tack .. going for a well seeded torrent now with the 426 to see what happens..

the disk settings are already 32768 so my prefs should be up to date.. atleast i hope so..



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