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Downloading file never appears


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to download a file but it wont appear either in my "still downloading" folder or in my "downloaded" folder. uTorrent though shows it has proper size (not zero or anything nasty like that), and it takes time to download it. So it looks like it's perfectly normal file, it just won't appear ever. (No, its not hidden, I've checked that). (Also its not deleted immediately after its finished, it _never_ appears). Clicking "show containing folder" opens my "still downloading" folder, but its just not there.

Any suggestions how to locate the file if it even exists, or what the problem might be?

Thanks a lot,


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Yeah, actually it downloaded completely the first time (the notification window showed and it was 100% in uTorrent). So I started looking for it, but it was nowhere. Then I though I might load the .torrent file once again in uTorrent to see what happens. It started downloading but it didn't appear in the still downloading folder either. That's when I'm decided to look for help.

Interestingly enough the second file appeared since in the still downloading folder, and it looks like a completely normal file.

Still, I cant tell where the first download might be and what caused it never appear.

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