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New µTorrent disrupting/crashing network card drivers


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Funny... this bug was fixed in the beta when net.low_cpu was set to "false" by default... but now it's set to "false" and it still causes problems!

After I leave µT running for a while, it starts causing my network card to crash - that is, time out network connections, extremely slow transfers on already-started connections...

It is NOT:

- My router (it never crashes - my server runs just fine)

- My TCP/IP patch (it's patched to 20, µTorrent is set to use 8, none of my torrents are that active anyway)

I solve the problem by disabling and re-enabling my network connection. It's easy to disable, but because the icon disappears, I have to open the network connections window to get it back.

It's extremely annoying... the problem doesn't happen on my server when I switch the drive over there at night... so it has to be my desktop's network driver/chip.

It calls itself a "VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter".

What changed in the last 3 betas that caused this disruption? It's only been a version or two (I think 143 was the one that worked great). I might have to go back to an old beta of µT to fix this problem!

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or get a better NIC

That may be my only option... I didn't even have µT running this last time, and connections started dropping. o_O

I, uh... yeah, I shoulda taken that card out of that computer before I took it to the recyclers. Doh!

Yeah, I guess I'm gonna go scour the shop. :P

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