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Seeding on Mac


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Hi everyone...I'm having a serious headache today trying to figure something out.

Precursor: I'm not asking about any specific downloads.

When it comes to migrating files back to uTorrent in order to seed, this site (and almost every single other site on the web) does a great job of explaining it for people with PC.

So, help a mac user out.

For files already downloaded and moved, all the people say go to File>Add file (not saved or whatever). Then browse to find the location of the actual file that way it doesn't re-download.

For mac, only File>Open Torrent is available, and there is no way to bring up the browse location menu like on PC.

I know there has to be other mac users out there that have had to figure this out in the past....I'm begging you to take the time to quickly explain to me what to do/what's going on. Until I start seeding more and improve my ratio, I can't download!!!!

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