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Seeing no torrent jobs in Add New Torrent dialog


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this is my first posting here, because it's the first time i could find a solution for myself. I'd be glad, if some of you experts could help me with that.

For some time now I don't see torrent jobs in my Add New Torrent dialog any more.

The area, where they should be listed is simply empty / blank.

Here an example-screenshot: http://i8t.de/pxjgne20

They seem to be there but just invisible though, because clicking the selection buttons (select all / none) changes the amount of disk-space needed.

My OS is Windows XP, using the Seamonkey-browser, but problem appears independently of the adding method (adding torrent manually from my harddrive or opening directly in the internet explorer / seamonkey by clicking "open" instead of "save to...").

If you need more specs plz let me know.

(and sorry in advance for some possible mistakes in my english writing - I'm a german user, as you might've concluded from my screenshot ;) )


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