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UTorrent downloading and uploading irrespective of torrents


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I've been using utorrent for quite a while and this is a weird issue that has suddenly started happening recently.

With utorrent started, the status bar shows a download speed of between 5 and 10 kB/s, and an upload speed of around 10 to 15 kB/s.

This has me rather puzzled, as I don't have any torrents downloading, plus also at any one time the total values shown for each of my individual torrents that I am seeding do not add up to anywhere near the total shown in the status bar.

I've even removed all my torrents completely, and I was still getting a upload and download total in the status bar. The same when I stop all my torrents.

I was running ver 2.0 (on Windows 7 64-bit) when I noticed the problem, and have gone back to ver 1.85 and the issue still remains.

My ISP uses traffic management, and having uTorrent open all day is eating up a sizeable part of my download allowance, up to 400mb, even though I'm not actually downloading anything.

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No DHT, no LPD and no peer exchange.

I've uninstalled utorrent completely including settings directory in appdata, and reinstalled.

Still getting the same problem.

As regards IPv6 terredo, I've tried every combination of having this enabled and disabled on the local connection and the router, with no effect. (Tried this as I'm not that familiar with IPv6).




After "downloading" over 500mb this afternoon, I've been changing various settings.

Changed my open port, and this has, for now, drastically reduced the download and upload speeds.

I think the traffic was a vast number of connections coming in.




I had been running Windows Firewall, but I've now switched to Zonealarm Free Firewall.

The main problem has gone away, in that my download allocation is no longer being eaten up according to my Broadband Usage monitor I use, TBBMeter

The status bar still show download and upload speeds of around 2.5 kB/s.

I'm not sure where this would leave someone with a similar issue who only wanted to use Windows Firewall.

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