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File name Disapears from Download List Whilst Downloading


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I have been using Utorrent for many years now

I recently was prompted to upgrade, so I did, I am now using Utorrent 2.0 (build 17920)

It work Fine for about 2 days until today

I started downloading and I notice that anytime I start a Download within 3 sec the File name disappears from the Download List, bu the file still downloads as I see the Speed Fluctuating in the Speed Bar and I also see the Partial File in my Utorrent Temp Directory.

And then the File Name reappears when the File has Finished downloading. (The complete file move to the Completed directory)

This is very Inconvenient, since I usually preview my Files before Complete download finishes. (To make sure this is the correct file As there are alot of fake torrent file all over the net). And some Torrent sites limit you to 3-5 downloads simultaneously.

I have Googled and notice that no one has every documented this problem.

I tried exiting and restarting Utorrent several times and it does the same thing over and over again.

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I have the View i have had for years

Where You see All the Columns and On the Left side u see a List thats shows = Download, Completed/, Active and inactive

When I press F7 the List on the Left disappears and when I Download a File it still Disappears from the List whilst Downloading.

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LOL Silly ME,

for some reason my Mouse must have touched the "Inactive" and So when I select a Download it Disappears from the list and only shows "the Inactive" Downloads.

I clicked "ALL" and everything is showing as Back as Normal when I download the Download remains and is seen downloading in the List.

Thanks for the Prompt and helpful response.


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