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Uploaded total not matching completion percentage


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Hello all,

I'm not really having a problem, but I've noticed something curious. I have one peer who has been leeching a torrent from me for a few days via BitLord 2.0. The total size of the torrent is about 1.5GB, and I've uploaded over 2GB to him/her today alone; in total over the last three days I've probably uploaded upwards of 4GB to this peer, all from the same torrent.

That's odd in itself, but I've been keeping track of the peer's completion percentage and he/she is currently showing as 76% complete. The percentage has been growing very slowly over the last few days, but I don't see how it's possible that I've uploaded the entire torrent at least twice to this same peer while they only have three quarters of it.

Hash fails are the only reason that I know of for behavior like this, but bad hashes can't possibly explain all of this extra uploaded data.


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