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General Questions Re: Seeding / Torrent

Jasung Aqualung

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the torrent experience. I just had a couple of questions and I'm pretty sure that they are easy and simple to answer so please bear with me. Before posting this thread I genuinely looked for the answers myself (and I did find many answers to other questions I had). Hopefully, you'd be able to answer the following lingering questions:

1 - How the whole thing works is very novel--give as you much as you take. I rather like it, in fact. Thus, I understand the concept of seeding. I have no problems with that and wouldn't mind seeding certain files forever if need be. I was wondering, however, if you move files that you have downloaded into different directories for organization's sake would that affect the seeding process? Would the files still be available for upload? Is there anything regarding this I should look out for?

2 - As I understand it, if I delete the torrent file associated with a file, then that shouldn't affect the file whatsoever if the file has been downloaded completely. I suspect however that it would affect the upload process since other people need the torrent information, right? Assuming this, (after my first download) I had made a directory for completed torrents and placed that information within µTorrent's program.

3 - When creating a torrent, what exactly do you need to do to give it out. As of yet, I have not attempted to create one.

4 - How do you search within the forums? The only search feature I found had the words "Torrent Search" above the input box. If possible, I would rather find answers on my own.

Thank-you for looking into this post. And I appreciate any helpful answers that was offered. Like I said, I'm pretty sure that these are general knowledge questions within the Torrent community. So, thanks-in-advance.

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Hello reader, for expediency just read the paragraphs that starts with one, two, or three later on if you are unwilling or unable to read the entire post and let me know if they are correct. Just looking out for you. Thanks.

First off, thank-you for your time. I was unclear for a few things and I have said that I tried to look for them and I apologize if they are simple--I thought they were easy questions and I just wanted to get it straight from the knowledgeable people who uses the program themselves. From the horse's mouth, one might say.

Well okay, I looked at them again. The first link had in it another link entitled "How to Make a Torrent" which answered my third question. I must have overlooked or read it and forgotten about it. So sorry to you, Switeck, I'm old. I see that you are a moderator and likely get these questions all the time and probably get a little fed up with it, right? Don't take it the wrong way; it's completely understandable. Again, thanks for at least dropping a few lines here.

A line from there states, "before making your torrent, select your content's location carefully as it will have to remain there (during initial seeding at least)" and from the beginner's guide "µTorrent will continue seeding until the torrent is removed" which I suppose answers my second question. I do remember that second statement.

From this and and back to what I was thinking, I surmise that if you move files, then people cannot get to them whether or not you have the associated torrent file stored somewhere. That's what I'm getting from it and that's my conclusion. The information isn't concise to me (maybe not for others). That "at least" statement bothers me though for my assumption.

In summary here's what I think are the answers to my questions (let me know if I'm wrong):

1 - If you move files that you have downloaded into different directories or have moved files since the initial upload, then, yes, it affects the seeding process and people will be unable to get them. In order for people to get them, the files MUST ALWAYS be in the same location. Thus, seeding forever isn't feasible when taking organization into consideration.

2 - Similar to above, deleting a file's torrent information will not allow sharing of that file. Moving where the torrent is stored will also not allow sharing of that file; thus, "obscure or older files tend to not be available".

3 - There is no search feature in the µTorrent Forums.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to look and thanks to anyone in advance for those that have checked my conclusion.

Maybe it is unfounded but I have to admit, I am very hesitate and maybe a little uncomfortable asking about a troubleshooting question I have about µTorrent in these forums after looking around here a couple days.

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