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uTorrent 2.0, unable to download single files.


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I just updated the new version of utorrent. I'm currently unable to download single files from torrent folders.

Example: after clicking the torrent download links, my previous version pops out a window that shows all the files downloadable. Example; screens.jpg, poster.jpg, moviename.avi. This allows me to deselect the useless jpg files. Or if the torrents have multiple videos but I only wish to download just ONE.

I am unable to do so with the new version 2.0 as it downloads the WHOLE folder directly after I click the torrent.

I tried to fix it by:

1) Option

2) UI Settings

3) Ticked "Show a window that display files inside torrent" under "When adding Torrents"

I thought this would help but no. Anyone care to help?

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