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uTorrent 2 very strange behavior! - at least for me :)


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I just installed Utorrent 2.0.

I noticed something strange: if uTorrent is closed (not running), my firewall tells me of many incoming connection attempts from addresses always differents to my IP (my router port 50...).

I am sure that uTorrent is because the port is always the one that I opened for uTorrent (I do not use UPnP).

The strangest thing is that if I open uTorrent, however, these attempts are no longer made.

Someone can explain what does this mean?

Why someone try to connect to my router port?

Maybe it is because I download something and now my "previous friends of download" would contact me?

There is a way to stop these requests? My firewall logs became very long! :P

Thanks in advance.

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Switeck, don't be a smartass. Answer the question next time and do it in a direct fashion.

This is basically a result of your IP being cached by other peers. Once your client is closed, it is no longer handling these connections, so of course, your firewall picks them up. They'll continue to hit you for some time (especially if you were using DHT), though the rate drops off rapidly.

There is no way to stop these requests for obvious reasons, so what you need to do is tell your firewall not to log it at all. It's harmless.

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Thanks, Firon.

It was not so hard...

In my country there is a proverb that says:

"Asking is allowed, replying / answering is polite" or "Asking is always allowed; answer if you want"

- but it is very difficult to translate a proverb :) -

Have a good day, Firon. ;)

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