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Can't download after updating to v2.0


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I just upgraded uTorrent to the latest version (2.0), and now I'm unable to download any content from a torrent site. I reinstalled the old version, but the problem persists.

When I visit a torrent site, click on "Download Torrent" and then select "Open," I now get the Windows' "Open With" panel. I browsed to the uTorrent directory but nothing appears in the window (with "Programs" selected in the "Files of Type" field). I selected the "All Files" option, but the executable file "uTorrent.exe" still does not appear. Yet I can successfully launch uTorrent.exe in Win Explorer or from theb Start Menu. uTorrent is configured as an exception in my Firewall settings as before. I have upgraded uTorrent several times before and never experienced any problems. Can anybody help me?

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