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Which Protocol is using for downloading torrent files ? TCP/UDP/BOTH

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Hi one and all , I am doing my CCNA now , I am fresher in Networking.

Did torrent is connection oriented or connection less ?. As I gone through the TCP and UDP architecture I can understand that UDP is very faster than TCP .and UDP having less overhead but TCP is high in overhead. Real time live system such as chatting,broadcasting videos and you tube video buffering are using UDP port. but I checked in the internet about the torrent transport protocols and things sucks me. Some people are telling it is using Both TCP and UDP port. if it is correct. Why implemented like that. we have the tiny overhead UDP is there and it is faster than TCP lol . so we can safe our valuable bandwidth by UDP . Could u please say what is the reason behind using Both tcp and udp in torrent ??!!!. and help me to out from this heck .

Please do peering and seeding regarding this question till it will solve. :)


Thanks in advance !

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