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Modifying the Tracker Update data


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I recently found that proxy servers can be used in order to modify the upload/download stats, thereby leading to ratio fraud. Users use some nasty tools to increase their upload stats. Not only that, several ISPs intentionally modify the data in such a way to make the user get banned, thereby freeing up the traffic.

Is there any tool to detect such things as of now or do the protocol itself have to be modified?

Any ideas of detecting such fraud is most welcome.

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Yeah, the (ab)use of proxies to modify tracker announce messages has been known for a while now...


- No, detection isn't feasible -- not from your end, and unlikely from the tracker's end. Unless trackers feel like wasting time comparing downloaded amounts and uploaded amounts -- and even then, they wouldn't be able to tell who was cheating, especially if there are multiple cheaters.

- No, the protocol doesn't need to be changed just to support something only private trackers might care about.

- If you're worried about your ISP modifying your traffic, tunnel the traffic through some secure/encrypted tunnel. Like VPN/SSH/whatever.

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