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utorrent locks up, also locks up internet explorer etc.. whassup :)


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hi all, I have changed a variety of things so not sure which 'thing' is killing it....been trying various tweaking videos on utube too, so maybe I messed something up, but anyway, now I can only use utorrent for about a minute before it freezes, it is 'not responding', so most times you cannot close it, or use ctrl alt delte it won't shut down, usually I have to restart the puter...mouse still works but you can't actually use anything else...I could be wrong but it 'feels' like it is lagged down to the point of locking up.. a couple times I could shut it down I waited it out and about 10 mins later I was able to use browsers etc again.

Also noticed whenever i turn on utorrent now it says "checking" even though it shouldn't be as it is turned off in advance properties..

any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and I am using windows 7 64 bit..i have avast running and zone alarm... before the tweaking my connection was super slow, like downloading around 20 kbs, so i got rid of avg and got avast, I changed a bunch of stuff within utorrent as per the tweaking videos, and I set up port forwarding i think its called.. now it is flying compared to before, 600 kbs d/l, but, it locks up. This is also the newest version of utorrent, I had problems trying to install it when d/l with firefox so had to do it with ie.

if it is just something to do with bandwidth perhaps could someone let me know where I have to change it and to what value is suggested? it is high speed wireless through a router..

thanks and have a great st paddys day irish peeps :)

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It would help if you posted all your settings in Options/Preference for Connection, BitTorent and Bandwidth as well as for Advanced where deviating from defaults (marked with *). Also, post what uTorrent was doing before it ceased up (ie how many active torrents with how many peers, up and down).

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thanks very much for your quick reply! i'm not sure how to cut and paste the advanced settings information, doesn't seem to want to.

I just have one d/l at present, d/l set to unlimited, the upload set to 1kb... the seeds are 306, peers 50, the speed was 205kb before it calved out, and only 12% of this particular torrent is done.

looks like 12 items were changed to the following:

bt allow *true

bt enable tracker *true

bt no connect to serve *false

bt send have to seed *false

gui bypass *true

ipfilter enable *false

net max halfopen *60

net outgoing *50

net wsaevents *150

queue don't slow dl *false

queue dont slow ul *false

peer *900

okay so in connection: only thing checked is enable nat pmp







and then everything is checked except limted local, and it is enabled and it allows incoming legacy

thanks a bunch for your help,

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I did as nothing else seemed to be working, desperate measures.. Thanks for the remind to rerun the setup guide DWK, I'll try running that again now that I have the port forwarding, etc set up, maybe it will work as it should without the 'tweaking'... bbl

okay I'm back and I'm humbled for not thinking of that :( i am ashamed

So far it does make it stable, it is not as fast as it was mind you, highest is only 458kbs max, but it hasn't locked up ..

that's what the forums are for i guess

**********SPOKE TOO SOON!!

it is still doing it.... freeze freeze freeze ...any other ideas? thanks for your help


nevermind for now, I put the older version of utorrent back in and that has seemed to fix whatever was going on, has not frozen yet, hopefully it stays this way!

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