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transfer cap doesn't work


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I have a problem with transfer cap. I enabled it, set it to 100gig for 31 days then reset history. The next morning, I saw in the tray bar "transfer cap reach". When looking at up/down, it reached 30gig. When looked in the transfer cap tab, it says 30 gig. When checking to ISP, it says 30 gig. Limit is at 100 gig and it stop. Tried changing the limit, change nothing. Limit is set to up+down 100 gig. I had to disable it cause, it simply doesn't work for whatever amount I put over 30 gig (didn't test under since already passed).


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I have a transfer cap issue too on 2.0.1 19248


The cap should have kicked in at 4GiB, but transfer history and status bar report only 3.2GiB and 3GiB (which is ~ what has actually been downloaded).

I had reset my transfer history prior to setting this new cap (no µTorrent restart in between). Maybe the previous history wasn't entirely deleted? (Unfortunately I don't remember the previous numbers, so hard to verify)

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