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utorrent faster download with ipfilter.dat or setting


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I tried to do initial screening for peers connected with my utorrent. I only allowed countries directly connected to my country with subsea internet cables around the world (refer to wikipedia). In this way, utorrent don't have to try them one-by-one to find better peers with high upload and/or download speed.

RESULT: not as good as I expected, maybe ISP throttling.

I also tried to make utorrent setting (this time, no ipfilter): only connect to max 8peers/torrent. If any between this 8peers have download/upload lower than 5kB/sec in 300sec, then drop this peer. This can be achieved with set max 8 peers/torrent, set slow u/l 5kB/s, set slow d/l 5kB/sec, and time to drop to minimum (300 sec, minimum by utorrent).

RESULT: good results. One peer can reach 20-30kB/sec. Somehow, far away countries can have better connection speed than near peers.


If I always drop peers with slow connection, they may cannot completed downloading. That's the problem if lots of people implement this idea.

I saw that setting of slow u/l & d/l is global (not unique per torrent). I want to allow slow peers connect to my completed torrent.

I saw that seeds also connected to my completed torrent (which is not required?or they helps to convey DHT info,etc?)

I experimented with Bittyrant for a while, but I concluded that utorrent with last settings works better than BitTyrant (in choosing faster/potential peers).

Alas, slower torrent completion also helps to maintain swarm size. With my settings, the leechers can download faster and just get away! So, you can say that my setting is un-ethical?

This is micromanagement that regarded as wrong-minded by utorrent.

This idea is less usefull for small swarm, or when you want to download urgently (no matter how slow it is). This idea better for large swarm, and just list of many downloading torrents (whichever finds it's fast peer, no fast peer = no download), thanks for utorrent ability to make use of our bandwidth to max: When top downloading torrents are idle/slow, utorrent start downloading for next torrents.

Optimum usage of available bandwidth - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=62306

BitTyrant - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=56031

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The basic idea of bit torrent technology is to funnel many a trickle into one mighty stream. Many residential users are on ADSL lines, meaning their up capacity is a fraction of their down. During the day, I do ca 20kB up, split 4-6 ways. So I do somewhere between 4-5kB/s per active torrent. Given your settings, you won't take from me. But surely that's defeating the object. Give yourself as many connections as your router can handle to allow uTorrent to harvest from as many slow coaches as possible. You will notice that uTorrent has a rational preference for taking from the fastest of the bunch anyway.

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"During the day, I do ca 20kB up, split 4-6 ways. So I do somewhere between 4-5kB/s per active torrent."

If uploading at 20 KB/sec and each active torrent gets 4-5 KB/sec, then there's about 4-5 torrents active. Problem is, upload speed gets split further than that...with each torrent having its own upload slots (each upload slot goes to 1 peer). It is best for each upload slot to get at least 3 KB/sec...and probably not more than 10-20 KB/sec if you want peers to give back as much as you're giving to them.

uTorrent will not upload reliably if set to only 1 upload slot per torrent. Even when set to 2 upload slots per torrent, upload can sometimes drop off for a few seconds.

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"It is best for each upload slot to get at least 3 KB/sec"

That means that allocating too many upload slots - but each only uploading slow - is not good? It's better to upload in few slot but at high speed?

I'm partly agree with max u/l set: we can let peers download from us at unlimited speed if we are not downloading from that peer (can utorrent automatically decide this?). Moreover, we can give unlimited upload when we are not downloading (or downloading at very slow). But, I understood what you mean.

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It is best to upload to fewer peers but at reasonable speeds. (about 3-10 KB/sec each)

Uploading faster to peers would not likely work well because those peers probably would not pass the upload on to others as quickly.

"Unlimited" upload speed also doesn't work very well...your ISP will drop enough packets to keep your line under max, but almost certainly does so aggressively, so even more get dropped than are necessary.

It's better to find the max upload speed you can upload at smoothly and either use it or use a tiny bit less than that. You'll upload MORE that way than running with no limit, barring uTorrent bugs. :P

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My upload/download are max.35kB/peer and max.total at 130kB.

I wonder if BitTorrent protocol can have multiple download from one peer (just like Internet Download Manager) to improve download speed? With slower download for each connection, we can stay under ISP radar (maybe).

Multiple Download for same torrent - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=65905

Of course I cannot set max upload speed each connection, because it's unique for each peer. Also with global setting for max upload (stated TOTAL, not limit-per-peer).

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You set a total, global upload speed limit.

Then you set a max upload slots per torrent low enough that each peer gets at least 3 KB/sec when you have max active torrents.

So if your max upload is 60 KB/sec and you allowed 5 torrents active at once then upload slots per torrent would need to be kept at 4 or less...because 5 x 4 = 20 total upload slots. 60 KB/sec divided by 20 total upload slots = 3 KB/sec per upload slot (per peer).

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