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when adding torrents


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in Options, preferences, UI settings.

There is 3 options under When adding torrents one of which is show a window that displays the files inside a torrent.

i have this ticked and used to take advantage of this window for managing files that i'm downloading and removing unwanted and sometimes fake or incomplete files. it was also great for managing trakers and bandwidth settings

unfortunitely i no longer get this window and have not had it for some time now i've tried rolling back to older versions with no luck is there anything i can do to get this back as it is quite handy and takes a lot longer to manage utorrent without it

i'm currentlu using utorrent 2.0.1 (build 18758)

Thanx for such a fantastic program i wouldn't dream of using any other

p.s. i know i can do other thing to acomplish the desired results it's just the added time and frustration involved.

Thanx again i hope someone can help.


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