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Smart/magic opener


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When you have a torrent with one file in it currently you can just open it by right clicking and pressing open..

However when it has more than one file it opens the window instead. How about a smart opener that can be customized to open the largest file or a certain file type that's given priority or a certain name.

A lot better and dynamic version of this would be able to supply a script box that you can apply to all torrents or certain labels etc. Users can add predetermined rules in a specific order to try determine what type of file they should open first.

Let's say this is the contents of our directory

readme.nfo 10kb

tracker.txt 2kb

something_nice01.avi 350Mb

soemthing_nice02.avi 360 MB

Something simple like this could be a custom script of course if i had more time i'd play around with mathematical ratios of the file of the torrent vs the different files inside etc.

restrict file_types srt,nfo,txt etc

restrict files >0.5Mb

if biggest(first) / biggest(second) < some_ratio and episodedetect(biggest(first),biggest(second)

then open episodedetect(biggest(first),biggest(second))


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It sounds like a niche feature with a very small interest, honestly.

uT is not Windows Explorer and for 99% of people Explorer is enough to browse the torrent folder and select a file to open.

And in addition your feature applies really only with multifiles torrents.

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your reply makes no sense. Of course ut isn't windows explorer nobody ever said it was. Often you just want files to open. If it's too complicated just simply having a tick box that opens the biggest file in the directory.

Multifile torrents aren't a rarity. There are plenty of them out there. A LOT of torrents come with an nfo file or extra text files about the tracker. Having this option just gives a smoother transition when opening multiple files.

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