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Port Forwarding Issues


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Hi guys,

So I'm on an AT&T internet plan and am using a D-Link DI-624 router. I'm attempting to forward a port. UPnP and Gaming mode are set to enabled in the router. When I open up uTorrent and use the auto port forwarding feature, I get this:

[2010-04-09 20:41:01] Checking for forwarded port

[2010-04-09 20:41:08] Port Forward test complete. Results: Port not open.

[2010-04-09 20:41:08] Checking auto portmap configuration ...

[2010-04-09 20:41:08] Results: Port is open. Your network is properly configured.

Says the port is open, but it still isn't. Trying that again gives me the same results. Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance. :)

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Modem, AT&T, probably an ADSL modem which means you'll need to set the router to do PPPoA/PPPoE. Done correctly things will work better. One of the linkies in my signature talk about bridging, that might help. Getting on the Internet wont be any different from the moochers standpoints.

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