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Strange.. have a look here pls..


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Hi There,

My first post here, would like to thank u all for this beautiful peace of software.

I started using utorrent yesterday managed to configure everything ok (ie: port forwarding speed configs etc) was downloading slow at first and then at approx 300 KB/sec which is very nice..

im using xp pro with 1 gig memory, isp is bulldog unlimited 8mbit down, 512 up not capped. i have disabled upnp on utorrent and done that manually on my router.

today im suffering major slowdowns in downloading a torrent which has 111 seeds in swarm 43 of 71 connected, peers 596 in swarm 185 of 455 connected.

after 8 hours status bar on the bottom of utorrent reports: Download Limited (what does this mean? why is limited? have i done smth wrong here?) Network OK, DHT 273 peers, D:14.7 kb/s, U:5.0 kb/s

pls advice me if u can, really appreciate some help here as i dunno what to do.


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