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A friend and me can't seed for eachother.


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Hello there...

Well, I want to download a torrent which my friend has already downloaded. I want him to seed for me, and he is uploading the torrent (we both have µtorrent 2.0.1) but I can't download it from him. We can't see eachothers teredo adress in the "Peers" tab, and without his upload speed, the download is incredible slow (ETA 17 hours). Also, at the torrent status we have diffirent numbers at "Seeds" / "Peers".

In short:

So my question is: why can't we see eachother and down- / upload to/from eachother?

I have a 256 kb/s download speed, his upload speed is 1 mb/s atm, and we have the SAME torrent/trackers.



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One of you is surely firewalled. You can make a test.

Ask your friend to create the same torrent (same piece size, same files, same announces) but with the private flag and send the .torrent to you. Then see if you can connect to eachother and leech/seed.

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