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Speed issue, with upload/download


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Hey all,

Ive been using utorrent for a while now but recently its been acting up, ive updated to the latest version.

Im currently on a 50mb line which normally has a download speed of maxium 6.0mb/s and upload of about 200kb/s max.

Now, the weird part, when i change "maximum upload rate" to 0, it works well and with good speeds, but then i cannot surf properly, and if i change it to 100 my speed drops to 500kb/s and does not move anymore.

ps. i have not touched any advance settings.

below is a screenshot of that menu.


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I noticed that my speeds dropped from about 1.7Mbs to about 100kbps after the newest version came out. I like downloading fast with little upload but then I seed for awhile to make up for it.

I wasn't able to find a solution in the general speed settings, however, if you right click on the torrent that you want to download quickly, you can manually set an upload speed from the Bandwidth Allowcation tab.

Edit: I just found in the "Advanced" settings for preferences, my net_calc_overhead was set to True. Setting this to false should fix the problem for you.

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I just updated to 2.0.1 and my speeds would never get above 50kb/s..but would stay around 10kb/s..sometimes even dropping to 0.1kb/s. I hunted down and found a old version from last November..now that SAME torrent(with same settings) I'm getting over 900kb/s download speeds. I do have my upload speeds capped very low because my ISP is VERY, VERY, VERY anal about uploading..and my connection was shut down once before because my upload speeds weren't capped.

Is this some sort of gimmick in the new version to get people to upload more?

If so...it's pretty lame. :\

EDIT: Hm...found a few other topics on the same thing.....my bad.

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The new version tries to keep BOTH your upload to other people and upload overheads in total below whatever upload speed limit/cap you set.

Previous versions did not track overheads, though such overheads did exist and caused considerable lag for many that didn't take them into account when choosing uTorrent settings.

More details:


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