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[tstatus] C-Buttons


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Yay, my first submission to Skin Browser ^^.

Anyway, I give You the C-Buttons theme for status icons. Hope some of You will like 'em :). I created them with compatibility in mind, so even you Windows 98 users will be able to use them (256 color, 1-bit transparency).


PS. Please keep in mind that I am no real graphic artist or whatever, I'm a PHP guy, just came out with this suddenly. So go easy on me ;)

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Good point, hofshi.

I also prefer a color other then a red stop icon for the incomplete-stopped status...at first glance, it appears as an error, but that's only b/c of what I'm used to. I know there are several other sets here with that style, not to mention the popular BitComet knock-off set.

But, b/c of the minimalistic style of these, they're one of my fav's. Reminds me of a set that Determination did(Simple, maybe?)...that is also one of my fav's.

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