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Help! I have the Red Arrows, and I've tried all I can think of. :(


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So for starters my uTorrent was working perfectly fine a few days ago. Than I updated to the newest version of uTorrent, suddenly I'm getting the Red Arrows. So it's not connecting to the tracker right? Under the 'Trackers' tab at the bottom, I can see a message "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

So I do my research and I have tried as much as I could do before posting something up on here.

I've tried disabling my firewalls, the one on my router, and Norton. No dice.

Than I tried disabling the DHT, still didn't work.

Than I attempted to do port forwarding, I followed all the instructions on the site they suggested 'www.portforwarding.com' and it's still not working. I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly, but I'm not sure.

So now I had reinstalled 1.8.1 to see if that would work, and it doesn't. Than when I tried to update to the newest version, from uTorrent not the website, it says that it cannot connect to the uTorrent server. Ok so that's fine. Than I tried downloading a different program, and than that doesn't work either.

So now I'm at my wits end and I really need help. If anyone could help me and either lead me to the answer or somehow walk me through what I need to do I'd really appreciate it.


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OMG I can't believe that worked. I turned the firewall off completely and that didn't work so I never would have figured trying that. Thank you so much!!! I know it was probably a stupid post but you seriously saved me so much time in rattling my brain, it's been frustrating me for two days now. Thank you again!!!

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