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Individual speeds add up to far less than total reported speed.


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This is a rather odd bug/issue. I've only noticed it since I upgraded to 2.01 v19248 (though I could have just missed it before).

Lets say that I have four torrents running. One is uploading at 10kB/s, one at 30kB/s, and two at 5kB/s. Logically, that should mean that I'd be uploading at 50kB/s plus whatever overhead bandwidth is needed, The odd thing is that it's reporting more like 70-75kB/s, not including overhead. Any ideas what could be causing this?

I'm running uTorrent 2.01 v19248 on windows XP 32bit.

I have utp partially disabled (bt.transp_disposition is at 15).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Firon,

Thanks for replying. The WebUI is already disabled, as is DHT and PEX (I'm using private trackers so they're moot anyways). I am indeed looking at the 'All' category, though it never hurts to check ;)

Edit: Here's some other information if pertinent:

I have ipv6 enabled via teredo (as I said I'm using xp)

I do *not* have the tcp half open connections patch

I'm not using any software firewalls.

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