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A different 2.0.1 speed question


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I have read about many users with low-speed problems with 2.0.1. I'm seeing speeds higher than I'm used to seeing. If you can't read the picture, the scale at the left indicates 194 kB/s max.


I connect to the internet thru a DSL connection that states that it is 1536 kbits/sec down, 896 kbits/sec up. Prior to this version of uTorrent, I have never seen download speeds higher than 162 kBytes/sec. In any speed test or any other application that displays connection speeds. Including earlier versions of uTorrent. Now, I am seeing indicated speeds as high as 190 kBytes/sec. But only in certain periods. In other periods, I see a steady speed near 160 kBytes/sec.

Are these indicated speeds real? Any idea why? How can I make uTorrent download at this higher speed all the time?

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yes they are real. dotted lines show you overheads, that were NOT shown in previous versions, So the total is higher. You can easily confirm with external app like netmeter...

Some ISPs are booting speeds sometimes in certain hours. You have to ask them is this is so.

Issues other people had - were mostly caused by the upload limit being set too low . You have it nicely set :)

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