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Update to 2.0.2 -- Everything Stopped


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uTorrent told me to update to the new 2.0.2 version, and I did. Before I did, I was downloading something on 2.0.1, and it was working; downloading at a good solid speed.

Then I updated.

Now, none of my downloads will download -- they all read 0 tracker, 0 seeds, 0 everything. And these were torrents that were downloading before.

A little yellow "caution" triangle appeared at the bottom - next to where it says DHT (said 0 nodes) telling me that there were no 'incoming connections.'

I don't know what happened. Everything was working, and now its not.

Please help!


Also, the "play, pause, and stop" buttons are all greyed out.

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Well first off did you uninstall the older torrent and keeping your saved data and not deleting that folder? Cause I uninstall 2.0.1 and kepted my data folder and then installed 2.0.2 and reran Ut and everything was back and running..

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