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EVDO connection speed problem


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am using BSNL-EVDO internet its a wireless connection and also am in sub-urban area now the problem s my speed changes regularly so am unable to get the speed for downloading with utorrent so if anyone know how to get speed with this type of connection please help me i will be thankful

here is my system and internet details:

OS-windows 7

processor-intel dual core 1.8ghz




max speed-2mbps(but due to wireless i don get much speed and also not a constant speed)

average speed of D/L by torrent-(max-25 to 40kbps)

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Well for a mobile internet solution you're not doing so bad with 25-50, it will all depend on how many people are on. they almost never give you the max speed anyways. What you should do though is configure the speed guide properly based on upload speed not download speed. Follow one of the guides on this forum and do the test sometime when you have a slower connection (max amount of users on the network) That way it will continue to work in all situations.

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