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Got 1.4, now goes to checked statu on restart, why and how do i change


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Just downloaded the new version, 1.4 from latest version 1.3, because some torrents recently requested a newer version, and everything was fine except:

1) When i restart my computer, i have to manually start each torrent again.

2) When they do restart, it says that its Checking. This process takes extremly long, bigger the torrent=longer the wait, and i cant seem to find a way to change this.

Any help on this would be greatly helpful. If not i might just have to go back to 1.3, oh well...

thanks, BTW i love this program!!!

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Ehm... does that happen all the time? Try moving your *.dat* files in the %appdata%\utorrent folder somewhere else (not to the same directory as utorrent.exe), run µTorrent, load the torrents, and let it check whatever you need again (unless you're just seeding, in which case you can just open for seeding). Then restart and see if it happens again.

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"Checking" means that µTorrent is verifying that the files haven't been corrupted. It checks the whole file, so syllogistically the larger the file, the longer it will take.

It shouldn't check that frequently, maybe you have some hardware problems?

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i switched over to beta and everything seems to be ok. My initial concern was with a 41GB file. It took almost 2 days to check. I just didnt want to go through that everytime i restart my cpu.

On another note, in task manager, i noticed my cpu usage jumps really high. The only 2 processes that show activity are utorrent and system idle process. utorrent jumps to a max of appx. 30, while S.I.P jumps to a max of appx 95. Is this normal or are their any mods i can make in utorrent to change this?

I have only 2 torrents running, but if i run 4 my cpu seems slower, which is why i ask about changes to utorrent?

Thanks again, you guys are most helpful!

Btw i have been using utorrent for 3 months or so and i dont really tweak anything with the options and such. Usuall the default settings always worked great. And i have never even bothered with the regedit, so anything i can change to make my cpu run smoother will be great.

P4-150gig HD-512mb ram

windows xp (mediacenter edition)

cable modem (microsoft sb5101 surfboard)

mcaffee anti-virus

MCshield disabled

utorrent allowed on firewall

Hope thats enough info!

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