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uTorrent grid strange behaviour


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I've noticed strange behaviours and I'd like to detail the scenario so the bugs/strange behaviour can be reproduced:

Scenario: Multiple files queued for download with multipled files already downloaded.

Say the download grid is currently ordered by number (#), switching to the completed downloads grid and reordering the columns and switching back to the download grid cause the original order to be changed (no longer by number(#)).

I'd suspect this is because the grid is shared between downloads and completed downloads.

Occasionally this causes the download queue to become bugged: instead of following the max downloads set in Options -> Preferences -> Queuing, it ignores the specified value and starts to download all queued torrents at once.

I'm not sure if this fix has been planned for future releases (I'm currently on version 2.0.2 build 19648).

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Thanks for the replies, I was able to test the sorting again just now on uTorrent v2.0.2 build 19648

and still same behavior.

To replicate the shared sorting behavior:

1. In Downloading tab sort by # (number)

2. Switch to Completed tab (without ordering) - Note no Completed downloads are seeding.

3. Switch back to Downloading tab- Ordering doesn't change.

3. Switch back to Completed tab and sort by Name

4. Switch back to Downloading tab and notice Downloading items are sorted by Name instead of by # (number) as left.

The latter issue regarding Downloading tab item queuing acting strangely after sorting in Completed tab seems non-existant in v2.0.2 build 19648 - unable to replicate.

Thanks for your time!

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Thats normal behavior not a bug.

I'll try to explain it again. Numbering only applies to currently downloading torrents and as such it will not affect the order of seeding/completed torrents.

When you said switched back to downloading tab (step 3) why would the order change from step one (you havn't changed any of the sorting since then)

then in completed you switched to name and and then only shows the downloading instead of only the completed. Of course its going to sort by name. You again havn't changed it back.

Don't think of the downloading and completed as tabs merely ways to hide certain torrents on the whole list. The lists doesn't every change it always is sorted the same ways until you change what its sorted by. You are merely adding and removing items from it (some of which are not affected by the numbering and automatically go to the bottom of that list)

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