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D/l speeds goes into freefall, but hitting stop/start makes it fast


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As the subject states, I am downloading a large [content] file with 11.998 Availability, and at the moment, my "Down Speed" is 16.9kb/s, but if I click the red square (stop) and then a second later click the green arrow (start) the "Down Speed" goes all the way back up to about 330kb/s and remains up there for about 5 minutes before freefalling all the way down to 17kb/s again.

This means that every 5 min I have to stop/start it so that I can get my download before 2012 comes to obliterate us all into dust!!!!!!!

Does anyone here know why this occurs, and if so, what I could do to stop it occurring???

many thanks


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thanks for the reply, BT defo throttle my d/l speed from 6pm til 11pm, the max I can do during that time is about 40kb/s and outside of that its close to 800kb/s, so I dont know if thats the case, it certainly hasn't been the case until recently, also have tried the two links and no joy sadly :(

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1) not very easily to be honest, the cable from the router to the modem is as long as the one from the PC to the router.

2) I have wireless LAN on my laptop, but I rarely use that and my computer is hard wired to the router

3) I dont know which settings you are looking for, I have max upload speed set @ 10kb/s, max download speed is unlimited.. have set the "max upload/download" slots to 9999. Not sure what specific settings you would like to see?

4) the max upload at off-peak times is about 40kb/s but as stated, I always limit the ul to 10kb/s otherwise it slows my entire computer down too much if it is left as unlimited. It also interferes with my download. The d/l def optimizes @ 10kb/s upload speed. During the times that BT throttle my d/l, it never gets more than 4 or 5kb/s upload

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the advanced settings will be whatever the default is, have never even looked in that tab before

by "speed guides pop-up window" did you mean "setup guides pop up window?"

If so, I have;

Bandwith (ticked) UK,London

Your Upload Speed: Current Settings 81.91kbits/s

Upload Limit: 10kb/s

Connections (per torrent) 9999

Max active torrents 8

Upload Slots: 9999

Connections (global) 9999

Max Active downloads; 5


Current Port 11979

Automatic Port Mapping is ticked/selected

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