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peer exchange the only tracker working despite many other seeds/peers


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All trackers say connection closed by peer or no connection could be made because target machine actively refused it etc... There could be 17 seeds and 25 peers, but i'll still have to wait for peer ex to provide me with about 1.0 kb/s download speed. Also one time I had like 2.8%downloaded, new peers would come and get my 2.8% and then finish their downloads from one of the many seeds/peers that were listed in the other trackers lines? Who knows how many peers were able get my bits, but not vice versa. I think @ one time my dload was 3.8Mb and my upload was @ like 7.?Mb. Was it because after a day or two of hardly any movement, I clicked download this torrent from 2 or 3 other torrent sources and it proceeded to say "looks like you already have that torrent selected, would you like to add the trackers from this site"? No matter how many trackers I add, I have no access to the twenty something peers/seeds listed with all the trackers that I cannot connect with. I was trying to seed 4 movies as well, but it certainly appeared that the only peer ex peers would get any of my bits. Was my !00% not as good as the next guys? Did I get-- for lack of a better word- blacklisted by the trackers or something? As far as I know, I didn't actively refuse any connections, and I've tried reading other peoples postings in the troubleshooting section and tried to follow the techies advice given. Maybe the settings changes will go into effect after these particular torrents are complete? I kinda hope so. Please help if you can. And I apologize if I offended any trackers :)

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