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DHT: waiting to log in


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gday everyone. long time utorrent user and very happy with it. went to d.l some things today and as i opened utorrent it said new version available d.l now. click on yes and it said there was a problem with utorrent language so i stuck with 2.0.2 found what i wanted and opened it in utorrent. after a few minutes it still hadnt started to d.l so i closed utorrent, reopened and managed to upgrade to 2.0.3 this time (thinking perhaps this 2.0.2 was the reason d.l hadnt started) same problem though, says 0 seeds 0 peers and down the bottom it has a msg DHT: waiting to log in.

anyone got any ideas on this? ive done a bit of searching on the net, checked out a few suggestions and everything people suggested to other people is setup correctly.

im a computer language noob so please keep it a little bit simple!



directly after posting i checked utorrent again, the DHT msg has gone and it now says DHT: 22 nodes

still finds 0 seeds though

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