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50 / 5 Connection - Slow


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New to the forums, been using utorrent for a few years now.

Previously had a 20mb / 1mb connection from time warner, and was getting a solid 1.7mB download speed (@ 70% of the "stated" connection speed, which I think is about average for time warner around here)

Yesterday they installed the DOCSIS 3 router for me, and switched me to a 50 / 5 connection.

I used the "conservative" connection settings (version 2.0.3) for my 500 kB upload, and was maxing out around 2.5mB down. (40% of my rated speed)

I assume I should be able to squeeze about 75% of my 'rated' speed, which would put me right at 4.7mB down or so.

What is the easiest way to max out my connection? I lowered my max upload rate to 150 kB.

Should I just slowly increase the max global / max per torrent connections until i peak and then start declining?

About my setup:

No firewalls, no security software.

Also, I download multiple types of torrents (movies, programs, music), and I have a seperate HD for each kind, so while I might have 4 torrents going at once, each one is writing to a seperate HD. I've got 8 GB of ram, so I was wondering if there is a way to tweak the memory / caching for my system where UT would use more ram to ease up on the disks (if that is a bottleneck at my speeds)

Any help is appreciated. I'm currently reading through guides as we speak.

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Use the 5Mbit settings in the speed guide for the best first try settings (you can tweak them a bit if you notice that your max upload is higher or lower). Settings in utorrent are best configured by upload speed.

As for easing off the hard disks, you can raise the cache, (don't put it above 1700 or you'll crash the application, because its only 32 bit), and uncheck "write out finished pieces immediately". Disable windows caching of disk reads and writes as well to avoid double caching. Personally I use 128MB cache and it's worked perfectly with 700KB/s max download. On 32 I was having some issues so I would think that somewhere around 512 should work fairly well for your system.

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"What is the easiest way to max out my connection? I lowered my max upload rate to 150 kB."

Even if it's only download you want to max out, lowering your upload speed max so much in uTorrent probably won't help. Did you also switch to the 1.5 mbit/sec upload settings when you lowered upload?

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