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Only receive data from leechers, not original seeder


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At times I have troble with getting data from the seeder...I only get data from other leechers on the same torrent.


A torrent has 1 seeder, and 37 leechers....the "availability"column shows 1.446

I never get more than 44.6 % completed...so it looks like I only get data from the others leechers, not the seeder. My percentage will not increase until the availability-column's value does.

Since I have a rather fast connection (40/20 Mbit VDSL2) this seems a waste, since by seeding me first all other leechers would have completed sooner, since I typically reseed at 12Mbit/s

I use uTorrent 2.0.3 on Win XP Pro and Avira AV

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Another possibility is the seeder is uploading very slowly in total, running multiple torrents, and uploading to many peers PER torrent. End result, it doesn't upload very quickly on any torrent and is even slower to particular peers.

Worse, it may only upload ~100-500 KB to a peer before switching to another peer...which it may take minutes to HOURS to get back to the first peer...to finish the 4 MB piece size so that peer has a completed piece to share to other peers.

Doubly bad is when it's uploading the same piece to different peers at the same time!

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