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Help with some Settings...


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I'm sure this topic has beaten to death but I have been searching with no luck to find a bullet proof set of instructions to set things up.

I had u Torrent 2.03 set up great!!! I had my port opened up and was getting downloads of up to 1.5MB/sec but one day I started noticing I couldn't surf the web and download at the same time.

Checked on the port and it wasn't opened. Strange?

So, I started monkey fucking around, got the port opened but my downloads are shit now.

I went nuts and checked this, unchecked that, changed that value and on and on....

I googled many posts on the web and tried to figure things out, then I noticed this forum.

I am looking for the settings to get me back on track!!!

PLEASE and THANK YOU for all your help!!!!

I downloaded the beta program.2.2 / Win 7 64bit

Bell Canada Test

download 13,460

upload 730

What about these TCP patches? Are they a must have???

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

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Bell throttles P2P traffic Heavily, that's why the setup guide is so low. It's the one that's gonna matter here.

This link may help a bit. (it's from switeck's sig)


You're variances are quite allarming though between Bell and DSLReport

DSL report is almost certainly your best possible numbers, yet bell seems to claim much higher speeds (obviously not attainable based on the DSLReport numbers)

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Hey Moderator guys thanks for your help!!

I understand the throttling stuff now, thanks for the update!

I'm looking for a link or guide to entering the proper settings to plug into U Torrent "Options / Preferences" for Win 7 - 64bit.

As I mentioned up above, my download and upload speeds were great and my program was working fine until I did some networking to add wi-fi and a laptop to my modem. That's when I screwed up my modem settings then I started adjusting and tweaking everything a dug a deeper hole

Modem is straight and ports are opened now!!! I just want to know the correct settings to plug into U Torrent.

Is there a link or page you can direct me to to get me up and running!?



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