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Cannot use 'add torrent' button with webUI v0.371


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I am running utorrent on a debian server through wine. Yesterday, I upgraded to 2.0.4 and updated my webUI to 0.371. Since doing this, I can no longer add torrents from my computer.

I can add torrents from URL, and if I download the .torrent file onto the debian box, I can add them from there. But every torrent I try to add through the webUI interface gives me a "Unable to load <torrent> Invalid torrent file" error.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening, and what I can do to correct it?

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It has been fixed in the latest stable version of Wine.


You NEED to use the latest version or the latest dev version of Wine with µT, many bugfixes are included inside.

I just attempted the upgrade, but I appear to have bungled it.

When I run apt-get upgrade, I get the following error:

dpkg-deb (subprocess): data: failed to exec lzma -dc: No such file or directory

dpkg-deb: subprocess <decompress> returned error exit status 2

E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault

How do I correct this problem?

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