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port forwarding tests all pass - icon doesn't turn green


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I have just upgraded to win7 64bit and got the 2.0.3 version (now on 2.0.4).

when i run the port forwarding test inside utorrent it passes extremly fast (seconds) but then the icon in the main window does not turn green but instead stays yellow exclamation mark saying no incomming connections. I think this might be causing me all sorts of problems.

So far i have:

1. no special internet security/firewall programs

2. just win7 default firewall

3. several fat holes inside that firewall - namely a brand new custom rule to allow any and all incomming connections to utorrent.exe - all ports/all protcols. this is ontop of the ones created automatically by the install

4. my router has correct port fowarding set.

5. i have tried both canyouseeme and shields up websites - they both report my port to be open/accepting connections/visible/etc.

6. no anti virus software.

7. system is patched up to date.

8. default utorrent 2.0.3 > 2.0.4 install. have tried disabling upnp and natpnp no help

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