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Hello guys,

I am pretty newbie with programing language. I come with a question. I have a nice speed connection, and i wanna transform my personal computer into a seedbox.

I wanna implement this into a site, blog, and this seedbox i would like to have this features:

-able to login into an account from a site / blog

-each user to have a limited space on my HDD ( something like 5GB, dont wanna see all their porns into my PC :P )

-optional a connection download limit ( i will have a 100mb/s connection ) and i wanna keep something like 10mb/s real download speed for each user

-a function to auto-delete a file after a period ( like 12 hours ) - my purpose is to help them upload / download fast - not to keep all junk into my PC

-a function so all users can make their torrents, public ( all other users from site can see them, and download them) or private (only users who have to correct link to be able to download the file )

All i`ve said is able to make? What programs should i use? Any tips?

Maybe a freelancer around here, who wanna help?

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I'm guessing this was probably the link moogly was wanting you to find http://filesharefreak.com/2008/06/01/how-to-set-up-your-own-home-seedbox-in-windows/

As far as your individual users/size things go, you could probably make better use of remote desktop instead of VNC, allowing you to log in directly to a user, and just make each user a HD, limit. Not quite sure how you would go about limiting bandwidth per user though. Maybe there's some kind of firewall that could be of use here.

ps, not sure if remote deskop allows multiple logins. I know it boots you off the logged in user on local input, I'm assuming it would do the same to remote.

A purely webui setup might work better, although moving files would get interesting as you'd have to setup individual FTP servers for each account as well as individual utorrent instances.

If you have the memory and processing power, a few unix based VM's would work a lot better.

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