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Torrent doesn't verify to 100%, though I have all files


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I have a torrent that doesn't verify to 100%, though I have all the files :

I see (in "Files" tab of the torrent) that some files are red in the list of files (for example marked as downloaded 0%) though if I open the file (right click / open) I can view it correctly, as I downloaded it completely.

(I have version 2.0.4 and Win XP 32 bits)

Can anyone help with this ?

Thank you !

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It's always the same pieces that fails after a re-check.

I just tried to restart my computer but it didn't help.

I never used the Media indexers.

I didn't delete any files, as I said, even on one of these files marked as 0% downloaded, I can right click, chose Open, and listen (mp3) the whole song.

I would like to share it but I don't want to share a 99.8% file.

Any idea ?

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In the folder options (where the files are located), I chosed to view every detail of the files.

The files that have not been verified to 100% have the exact same attributes than the files that have been successfully verified.

What else could a MP3 player change other than the file's attributes ?

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I renamed one of the files marked as not completed, to download it again.

And magic ... all the file which couldn't be veriffied are now succesfully verified, that's strange.

By the way, I compared (with "Beyond Compare") the renamed MP3 and the MP3 downloaded again, they have no difference in tags and number of bytes. They are the same files.

I consider this as a uTorrent bug.

Some more interesting information : I had two torrents (containing same files) pointing to the same directory (as they are both the same but differents clients). Seems that it confused uTorrent somehow.

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