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[torrent status] Aesthetic Groove


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Description:I love Aesthetic Groove -- it's just so different and wonderful. This set is based on the icons Heylove released with her theme. All design is hers, not mine (but I do love it so.) It should only really fit with Aesthetic Groove theme sets. This release is only version 4 of Aesthetic Groove, since it's the variant that I use... I will work on the other 3 soon. Toolbar is probably next.

NOTE: This is a 32-bit alpha-blended bmp, so it works natively with XP / ME. You must have one of those versions for the icon set to work properly. Wiki on it here.

Changelog: Version 1.

+ added 1.1.5+ support

+ added 3 other color variants.

~ changed µ to something a bit more readable

Aesthetic Groove 1


Aesthetic Groove 2


Aesthetic Groove 3


Aesthetic Groove 4


Installation instructions included in the zip.

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First, you have to have opened µTorrent once before so the program can write the files. If you've run uTorrent before, they are there.

Alternatively, you can do below in Run... or Explorer address bar:


this will point you directly where those files can be found. The best bet is to take that opportunity to move settings.dat and resume.dat to the same directory where you kept utorrent.exe to save yourself some disk-travel time.

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