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Help - fresh v.204 install will not see old directories. What to do?

carl startnow

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There is another solution if you have stored all your torrents in the same main download folder.

You can use the freeware BEncode Editor (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306) and edit the file resume.dat (the copy before your install) and use the function 'find/replace' as any text editor to replace the path.

Anyway that implies you have a backup copy of resume.dat containing your previous torrent history.

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Nice one moogly! Thanks.

I wish I knew to save the 'resume.dat' file before I started screwing with what I thought was a second, older uT install seen in my 'Add or Remove Programs' folder.

Damn windows! It told me I hadn`t used that uT .exe since 2009....and a second one said to have been last used earlier this year. I run uT on average once a week! So that`s why I did a full un-install...and sorry I did.

Ha...with all that repetitious key stroking restoring the torrents and files, I made plenty of mistakes. I`ll be searching folders for the rest of my life I think..haaaaaa.

Strange thing too...the torrents that never saw activity in the previous v.204 install, ran to completion as soon as they hit the road in the new install ! Weird.

Shame I can`t just do a 'system restore' and all would be done.

Thanks for the heads up on that BEncode app. i`ll keep it in the vault. ha


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